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Aamir Khan's interview

By ram

Aamir Khan's Interview:

Aamir khan in an interview

with Indian express.

Aamir khan on making films, courting controversies

and seeking an appointment ith the BIG B.

* when were you more nervous:

before the release of Taare Zameen par or before Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak ?

I'm nervous about Taare Zameen par as i have been about any of my films.

When i do a film,I'm cnstantly thinking how well it'll do.Its just that the nervousness

increases when i really like a film. It wa the same with Lagaan and Rang De Basanti.

* Now that yure a director, which role do you enjoy most- actor , producer or director?

i enjoy creative work, so it has to be acting and directing. I'm not so kicked about the

work of a producer. But i must confess that directing is very stressful. It's hectic and

more than the ind, it puts a lot of physical pressure.

* what was the toughest bit about directing Taare Zameen Par?

My toghest challenge was to get on screen what wa on paper.I loved the script of the

film so much that i took it as a responsility to make sure it comes out just the way it


Also since i put a lot of emphasis on performances, it was important to get good performances

from the cast, which is a huge part of the director's job.

* Is it easy to direct kids?

Getting performance right isnt easy and the same holds tre for kids.but i was very happy with

the cast.Darsheel safary who has the biggest role in the film was most responsive and a pleasure

to work with

* Did you spend a lot of time with Darsheel before the shoot?

Yes, i did.It wa important for us to get along .It was important for him to get used to me.Not

just Darsheel, i enjoyed ealing with the other kids as well.Normally film making are its praticality

are not suited for kids. They don't understand the concept of takes, retakes and rehearsals .

But all the kids have done a good job.

* Will you direct more films?

I suppose so.

* Who is your biggest critic?

well, i have a group 0f close friends and family who are extremely honest with me.they see all

my work and tell me as it is .I value their openion.

* Have your kids, junaid and Ira, seen Taare Zameen Par?

Yes they have.And they liked it.

* On your blog you said Taare Zameen par is a film "about children and Not a children's film".

Why did you need to specify that?

Because I;ve a conern in my mind that people shouldn't percieve it as a children's film . I

want to clarify that it's not a chota chetan or or spider man. the film is targeted at parents

and young adults who will becoe parents one day. Of course , kids will be the target audience

since the protagonist is a ine-year-old but it's not only about children. It's an etremely

entertaining film for all ages.

* The recent controversy with Amitahb Bachan (Aamir termed the Bachchan starrer Black as

insensitive and "extremely manipulative". He also labeled the performances as "over the top".

To which ,Bachchan retorted , "My be the performances in Black did go over the tp of his

head.") seems to follow a pattern.

Every time, you get into a controversy before the film i released. why is that?

<sheepish smile> I don't know .May be I shouldn't talk. May e i should keep my mouth shut.

* But was this a public stunt?

I've never done anything for publicity in my life. I was asked a question and i replied to it.That

was all.

* Don't you want to sort it out with Mr Bachchan?

Certainly .I've been calling his office to get an appointment with him.I'm told that mr Bachchan

is busy and he will see me when he gets the time.I'm waiting for that. I've the highest regard

for him and if what I've said has made him unhappy then i want to apologise to him.

* Are you satisfied with your directorial dubut?

Yes , i think so.

* And are you prepared for all the daggers once the film is out?

(laughs) Well , i take full responsibility for the film.I'm hoping the audience will like it.If not,

then the buck stops with me.